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Matt Adam Talks Recruitment Marketing in Podcast and Blog

Topics: career sites, employment branding, candidate experience, recruitment analytics

Posted by NAS on Feb 17, 2021 10:19:43 AM

Matt Adam, our Chief Talent Strategist, has been sharing his insight into recruitment marketing trends for 2021 in a variety of venues.

He is this week’s guest on the Talent Tide podcast with Chris Nichols. Matt and Chris share a lively 40-minute discussion that covers a variety of topics, including the importance of employment branding, how to create a career site that meets candidate expectations and the vital importance of using analytics to drive decisions.

Here's Matt on the need for agility in 2021:

"We’ve talked and bandied around this concept of agility this year. You know, I think companies have found out that they’ve had to be more agile and more responsive than ever before. Like, look at us. We’re working from home from our Zoom in ways we never would have a year ago. So, I think that ability to continue to adapt and change to whatever the market throws at us is going to be really important. And that plays right into your employment brand. The best employment brands are living, breathing entities. They change you as your organization changes. They can be aspirational for certain, but they have to be grounded in reality and fluid in a way that they can adapt to what’s going on with your candidate and employee base."

For more insights, check out the Talent Tide podcast here.

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ACTIVATE wins TalentCulture tech award for second time

Topics: HR technology, recruitment marketing, candidate experience

Posted by NAS on Jan 21, 2021 4:54:21 PM


NAS is pleased to announce that our ACTIVATE® candidate attraction platform has been selected as a TalentCulture 2020 HR Tech Winner for the second time.

TalentCulture, a leading media outlet and marketing consultancy, selected winning HR technologies based on a strict grid of requirements that included a demonstration of the technology’s power to successfully deliver on its promise and an analysis of user and employee comments on the product and brand.

The awards site notes with regard to ACTIVATE: "The ACTIVATE mobile-responsive design provides candidates an excellent user experience with multiple ways to search and apply for jobs. Employers experience an improved ROI with better SEO rankings and ACTIVATE allows for quick and easy analysis of monitoring and tracking results."

Cyndy Trivella, Managing Partner of TalentCulture added: "There are very few recruitment marketing agencies that excel at building technology designed to appeal to such a vast audience. NAS Recruitment Innovation is a standout with its technology that creates a wonderful user experience for both the job seeker and HR professional. This, coupled with their reputation for delivering outstanding service, sets them apart in the space and is what makes them a two-time TalentCulture HR Technology Winner."

ACTIVATE™ is a proprietary, cloud-based candidate attraction platform that delivers a quick and easy job search, improves ROI and offers robust analytics to monitor media and track budget decisions. It also delivers a branded experience with relevant content, as well as marketing outreach via email and text.

You can learn more about the 2021 winners of TalentCulture Awards here

Learn more and get a demo of ACTIVATE™ today.

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The 2021 Calendar of Healthcare Recognition Days is Here

Topics: healthcare recognition calendar, recognition calendar

Posted by NAS on Dec 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM


The 2021 Calendar of Healthcare Recognition Days is Here

  • When is Oncology Nurses Month?
  • What’s the date for Medical Assistants Recognition Day?
  • What about National Nurse Practitioner Week?

One of the best ways to increase employee engagement is through incentives, rewards and recognition. Each year, NAS puts together an annual listing of healthcare-related recognition events. Our 2021 Calendar of Healthcare Recognition Days is an invaluable resource for you and your team. It features a comprehensive, 12-month listing of healthcare-related recognition events, complete with descriptions and links.

This is one of our most popular offerings every year. Get your 2021 calendar today!


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Webinar: Build your 2021 recruiter toolkit

Topics: Webinar

Posted by NAS on Nov 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM


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