NAS announces new Chief Operating Officer Bryan Martin

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Posted by NAS on Jul 9, 2020 4:20:04 PM


NAS Recruitment Innovation is pleased to announce that Bryan Martin has joined us as Chief Operating Officer. He brings to our team over 25 years of highly successful experience working in the talent acquisition and development space.

Bryan built his career at Caliper, a 60-year-old HR talent measurement firm, where he spent his time in a variety of areas of the organization, including QA, Marketing, Sales and IT. For the last 15 years, he led operations with a strong emphasis on technology. His last three years were as COO, building out a collaborative culture, transforming the company’s technology platform and increasing sales.

As he joins NAS, Bryan will work with the existing team to leverage and enhance our ACTIVATE™ technology platform, while also helping us develop and execute innovative solutions and processes that will improve recruitment marketing for our clients, prospects and partners. With over 70 years of ongoing success, NAS is excited to open this new chapter and extend our industry leadership into the future.