Facebook: a great tool for hiring in this crisis

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Posted by NAS on Apr 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM


With COVID-19 crippling the nation, its impact on many industries has been profound. As we navigate our new reality, we’re also seeing an emerging trend: people who left Facebook over the years due to myriad reasons (political rifts, bot infestation, security concerns) are now reactivating their accounts.
Why? Facebook’s sheer ubiquity provides the means to connect with friends and family in an increasingly disconnected world. While staying home, we want to stay in the loop. It follows that people are spending more time on Facebook.

Are you in a business that still has current hiring needs?

Need to get your message out to a targeted audience in a short time?

You need the power of Facebook Promoted Posts.

Our analytics indicate that Facebook ads are converting at a higher rate as more people are viewing and engaging with ad content. NAS has run a number of campaigns in the past month for our clients and we’re seeing some pretty strong aggregate evidence that now is the time to utilize this platform. Month over month, we’re seeing:

  • 66% more clicks
  • 31% more engagement
  • 103% more impressions
  • 22% improvement in click-through rates
  • 30% lower cost per click
  • 42% lower cost per thousand impressions

NAS has a team of experts at the ready who can recommend, implement, monitor and refine Facebook campaigns in this unique environment. We’d love to discuss your situation and put your campaign into action.

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