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Topics: Facebook for recruiting, Google for Jobs

Posted by Matt Adam on Aug 3, 2017 9:01:00 AM


It was a pleasure and a privilege to collaborate with Thad Price, VP of Products and Engineering at Jobs2Careers to present our recent webinar, “Google for Jobs, Facebook, and Job Ads – 3 Must Dos to Break Through.” As most recruitment professionals are aware, Internet royalty – Google and Facebook – are entering into the job search space. How will it affect your organization, and what can you do to prepare for this development?

In this highly informative webinar, we discuss:

  • The why behind rapidly changing candidate search behavior
  • How to optimize your jobs to stand out
  • The importance of predictive analytics for job ads
  • Why mobile-optimized sites are essential to success
  • The effectiveness of long-tail search tactics for niche positions
  • The importance of job posting microdata and optimized job posting metadata
  • Why you should submit your site map to Google to ensure proper set up

Even though it is early in the process, there is evidence of Google traffic increasing to career sites. The entry of Google and Facebook into the career search arena is a pivotal moment in our industry, and talent acquisition professionals and recruiters who are prepared to seize the day will be ahead of the curve in the recruitment game.


Matt Adam

Matt Adam serves as Executive Vice President & Chief Talent Strategist for NAS. Having spent 20 years as a recruitment strategy consultant for a diverse client roster, Matt has worked with a wide variety of organizations to develop effective recruitment marketing strategies that define and shape an organization’s recruiting efforts in today's interactive marketplace. He is a featured speaker at various organizations including SHRM, CUPA and NAHCR.