Creating Google Ads That Score with Job Seekers

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Posted by NAS on Aug 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Google now processes over 40,000 searches every second, which equals 3.5 billion searches per day. Industry experts believe there are 3-4 million businesses using Google AdWords. Are you one of them?

In a prior post, I outline the many great reasons for using a Google AdWords campaign for recruiting. Basically, our clients employ Google AdWords for positions where they know they will have an ongoing need (restaurant, call center) or positions that can be hard to fill (nursing, IT). The goal is to drive traffic on a consistent basis to the relevant page, creating a cost-effective way to keep candidates flowing and to build a pipeline of talent.

The way it works is that Google serves up appropriate ads to viewers based on the keywords they type into the engine. If a nurse types “nursing jobs in Dallas” into Google and your ad is relevant, your ad will be served up to her. However, it’s a little trickier than that, as Google has a complicated way to decide what “relevant” means to seekers, based on several factors.

The Candidate Experience is what Counts

An underrated fact about advertising with Google AdWords is the way that Google incentivizes those who provide users with a great experience. In order to encourage advertisers to provide a seamless visit, Google created the Quality Score, a system that grades each ad in every campaign according to how effectively the content is providing users with exactly what they are searching for.

It’s up to you – or your agency partner – to create highly relevant ads that offer a great experience. When you do so, you get:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher rankings in the competition for clicks

Cracking the Google Quality Score

Here are the five main components that contribute to a high Quality Score:


Key indicators under your control that can help improve your Quality Score include:

Campaign keywords, ad groups, ad text and ad extensions. Make sure your ad is specific and targeted, and try to think in terms of what your ideal candidate would be typing into the search engine while you are developing your creative. Keep in mind: ad relevance makes up 22% of your visible quality score. 

Landing page content in relation to what is being advertised. Often, we’re asked to do a Google Ad campaign without a specific and relevant landing page. It does no good to serve up a targeted ad, but then send the candidate to a generic page that is not directly related to the information they were seeking. Google rates you on this. Campaigns with relevant, optimized landing pages and a great user experience get higher scores, show more often and cost a lot less for better results.

Run and Refine for Best Results

Google Ads are not a good fit for filling a single position or running a brief marketing campaign. You get the best results when you run and refine. As your campaign progresses, Google notices all five of the quality components and begins to spread your ads in a more and more targeted fashion. It notices what keywords get the best click-through and targets individuals who also use those words.

You can also add new keywords as you monitor the campaign, as well as tweak creative elements or even do testing of various messages to see what creates better response. You’ll also get residual value on your landing page or career site, with better SEO based on the fact that you are driving the right people there.

We’ve found that our clients really appreciate the fact that they are continually building a pipeline, driving ever-more targeted candidates to their site and getting greater value from their budget as their Quality Score increases.

The Bottom Line

A well-crafted, extremely relevant campaign that offers a great user experience will score highly with Google, be seen by the right people and drive the traffic you desire to your site.

It takes experience to execute an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, so consider partnering with an established agency like NAS to manage the process. As a fully certified Google Partner agency, we have the knowledge and creative capabilities to construct the ideal recruitment campaign that will yield impressive results.

Contact NAS  to discuss how we can help you put the power of Google to work for you.