Sean Bain

As an Account Director with NAS Recruitment Innovation, Sean consults and partners with clients across several industries to advise them on identifying, sourcing and onboarding A-level talent. Sean calls on his over 20 years of combined staffing and recruitment advertising experience to assist in establishing and implementing employment brands, career sites, social media strategies and comprehensive online and traditional media campaigns.

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How smart companies are benefiting from analytics

Topics: recruitment analytics, analytics

Posted by Sean Bain on Oct 5, 2017 9:01:00 AM


The numbers don’t lie.

In the dynamic world of analytics, strategies abound: pay-per-click, programmatic media, Facebook promoted posts, social media campaigns, e-blasts, online job postings, event landing pages, your own career site performance…Here’s the thing: unless you can track results of your efforts with unbiased analytics, how can you possibly determine and validate the effectiveness of your HR recruitment spend? How do you know if you need to revise your approach and try other tactics?

Analytics help you to understand candidate behavior and allow for more refined strategies that yield better results. Although employer branding and the candidate experience will always be paramount, smart companies are also adopting a data-centric approach to how prospective candidates engage with job advertising.

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3 ways to be top of mind with candidates

Posted by Sean Bain on Jan 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Do you have friends who only reach out when they need something? That’s not how healthy relationships work. The same holds true in recruitment marketing. If you only reach out to job seekers when you have an open position and are silent at all other times, you’re not building a strong relationship with candidates – the kind that will benefit both of you in the long run.

Building a steady applicant flow and continually showcasing your employment proposition is something that more and more talent acquisition professionals are embracing. It takes a change of mentality and a commitment to shifting some resources from reactive, tactical approaches to a long-term strategy that is not focused on specific job requisitions.

Here are three concepts to help you grasp this effective approach to recruitment marketing.

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