Top tips on how to title your jobs

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Posted by NAS on May 18, 2017 9:15:00 AM

PR-11759_Infographics_JobTitling.jpg If you’re ready to learn even more about how to enhance the candidate experience for your organization, you can download our e-book titled “Think Like a Candidate…Recruit Like a Winner!” We’ll take you through the entire candidate journey from initial search to onboarding, offering key insights, great advice and relevant stats.


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It's time to put yourself in their place.

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Posted by NAS on May 16, 2017 10:00:00 AM


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase Think Like a Candidate many times. You’ve probably even gone through the process in some areas of your organization and made adjustments. But have you taken a holistic look at the entire candidate journey from first search to first day on the job?

NAS has put together a free e-book to help you understand what candidates expect so you can measure how well you are delivering. We’ll take you through the entire candidate experience, providing insight into how job seekers act and how to better meet their needs, as well as tips to help you improve results for your organization. You’ll learn:

  • How candidates start their search and how you can be visible
  • What they expect from your career site
  • How to improve the application and interview process
  • Ways to make onboarding and retention more effective

Download this free and insightful e-book from NAS Recruitment Innovation today!


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What we learned at SHRM 2017

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Posted by Lisa B. Radloff on May 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

SHRM recap_NAS guys-1.jpg

Phil, Matt and The Jasons of NAS were in attendance last week at the 2017 SHRM® Talent Management Conference & Exposition in Chicago (April 24-26), both as exhibitors and hosts of a special reception for our clients and industry contacts. We asked the team to provide a re-cap of the experience and to share their observations regarding the state of talent acquisition and recruitment marketing in 2017.

Overall Vibe

Phil Ridolfi: “This year’s response was impressive. It was a really good crowd (1,300+, I believe) and the people I spoke with seemed pretty optimistic about hiring and needing some help.”

Matt Adam: “The mood was optimistic with a side of anxiety. People are feeling good about their businesses and hiring activity, yet anxious because finding the right talent is becoming increasingly more difficult.”

Jason Rellick: “An overall theme that was repeated was that companies have great stories to tell, yet still have difficulty conveying their story. There is great potential for the employment brand to thrive, but companies still need help in developing and executing their own personal narrative.”

Jason Weinhaus: “The overall feel was optimistic. Attendees were there to learn about new trends and best practices, because the recruitment landscape continues to evolve and they want to stay up-to-date with their candidates and their competition. According to conversations at our booth and reception, every company was hiring. Some more rapidly than others, but I do not recall having a discussion with any organization in a hiring freeze. It’s always a positive sign and nice to see companies doing well.”

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Military and Veteran Hiring: Strategies for Success from United Rentals

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Posted by Lori Vrcan on Apr 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM


In our previous post, we discovered how USAA accomplishes its military hiring goals. In part two of this series, we learn how United Rentals creates a win-win situation by hiring military, veterans and their spouses.

“Veterans and military personnel make a great fit for our company because of our culture and values,” says Judy Brozovich. “People within the military exhibit the traits and qualities we seek: loyalty, integrity, dedication, service excellence and a focus on safety.  We build on what they’ve learned in the military, so it becomes a solid match for United Rentals.”

Judy Brozovich is Director of Talent Management for United Rentals, the world’s largest equipment rental company. We spoke with her recently and she shared why her organization hires military and veteran candidates and how they achieve recruitment success.

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See you at SHRM!

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Posted by NAS on Apr 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM


The 2017 SHRM® Talent Management Conference & Exposition is fast approaching. This year’s theme, Talent: Today and Tomorrow, is sure to offer in-depth insight into where we are, and where we’re headed, in the talent acquisition game.
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